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How to Create an Application Password for WordPress

Reading time: 2min minutes
This article covers what an application password is, why you want to use them over your admin password, and how to generate and use Application Passwords in WordPress to authenticate third-party applications and services.
Create an Application Password for WordPress

Create an application password for WordPress improve security and make connecting a third-party service (an application) with your website easier. Sites running WordPress version 5.6 or higher can easily generate application passwords for their user accounts on the Edit Profile screen.

1. What is Application Password for WordPress?

Application Password is a feature introduced in WordPress 5.6 that allows users to generate unique and secure passwords for third-party applications or services that need to access their WordPress account. This feature is similar to the use of APIs and tokens in other platforms.

With Application Password, users can generate a specific password for each application or service, ensuring that if one password is compromised, it won’t affect the security of other accounts with similar login credentials. Users can also revoke the Application Password at any time, which will prevent the associated third-party application from accessing the WordPress account.

Overall, Application Password is a useful feature for enhancing the security of WordPress accounts and controlling access to sensitive information.

2. Step-by-Step to Create an Application Password

  1. Log in to your WordPress CMS.
  2. Find ‘User – Profile’ and access the profile page.
  1. Find ‘Application Password’ at the bottom of the profile page.
  1. Enter a name that is easy for you to remember and distinguish as the ‘New Application Password Name,’ then click ‘Add New Application Password.
  1. You will obtain the ‘New Application Password’ as shown in the image. Simply copy and paste it into GetMax. PS: Remember to store your password securely.