The Ultimate Summary of OpenAI Dev Day 2023

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OpenAI Dev Day is a significant event hosted by OpenAI, which brings together industry leaders, developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. In this article, We have summarized the important information of OpenAI Dev Day in detail.
OpenAI Dev Day

OpenAIDevDay Just kicked off and it was the biggest day for AI since the launch of GPT-4 in April. OpenAI Dev Day is a significant event hosted by OpenAI, which brings together industry leaders, developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. In this article, We have summarized the important information of OpenAI Dev Day in detail.

Part 1: Welcome Speech

Sam Altman gave a welcome speech

  • Attendees are welcome to join today’s event and thank you all for taking the time to attend.
  • Express appreciation for the enthusiastic spirit of the attendees.
  • We especially welcome friends from out of town to come to San Francisco. San Francisco is the birthplace of OpenAi and is of great significance to the company.
  • We look forward to OpenAi continuing to grow and develop in San Francisco.

Part 2: Review of OpenAi Over The Past Year

Review the release status of ChatGpt and other products

  • 2021-11-30, the ChatGpt research preview version was released and received a very good response.
  • In March 2022, Gpt-4 was released, which is still the most powerful language model in the world.
  • In recent months, speech and visual capabilities have been added, allowing ChatGpt to understand pictures, hear sounds and interact with voice.
  • Recently, DELL-E 3 was released, the world’s most advanced image generation model.

Review support for developers

  • Currently, there are about 2 million developers developing based on OpenAi API, and the application scenarios are very wide.
  • 92% of Fortune 500 companies use OpenAi’s products.
  • ChatGpt has reached 100 million weekly active users.
  • All of this was a huge success just by word of mouth.

Part 3: User Case Video Display

2-minute video showing how ChatGpt helps different users.

  • Help users express their thoughts and feelings in their native language.
  • Help visually impaired people complete daily life tasks.
  • Help students learn programming in a lively and interesting way.
  • Help art creators get design inspiration.
  • Help programmers write code and improve work efficiency.
  • Help the elderly get companionship and not feel lonely.

Part 4: New Product Launch

Release GPT-4 Turbo

Release GPT-4 Turbo

  • Supports longer context lengths, up to 128,000 markers, 16x improvement over GPT-4’s 8K tag.
  • Added reproducible output function, which can pass in parameters to ensure consistent model output.
  • The knowledge cut-off date has been updated, and you can continue to learn and update world knowledge.
  • The function calling ability has been greatly enhanced. Multiple functions can be called and it is better to follow instructions.
  • New speech synthesis and image processing capabilities are added to generate more natural speech and process images.
  • Released a new version of speech recognition model Whisper v3 with higher accuracy.
  • Compared with GPT-4, the price is reduced by 2.75 times, greatly improving the cost performance.

Release copyright protection features

  • Provide copyright protection for API and ChatGPT Enterprise Edition users.
  • Commitment to protect and compensate customers for legal costs incurred due to copyright infringement.

Publish helper API

  • Provide session thread support to avoid repeatedly passing context.
  • Integrated search, code interpreter, Python and other functions.
  • Provide a sandbox environment to safely call code.
  • Supports speech recognition and speech synthesis to improve interactive experience.

ChatGPT product updates

  • Get all the feature improvements with the new GPT-4 Turbo model.
  • Remove the model selector to simplify the interaction process.
  • Can browse web pages, run code, analyze data, process images, etc.

Part 5: Introduction to GPTs

Introduction to GPTs

Introduction to the concept of GPTs

  • GPTs are versions of ChatGPT customized for specific purposes.
  • Combining instructions, knowledge and operations can be more intelligent and helpful.

GPT demo for, Canva and Zapier

  • builds Lesson Planner GPT to help teachers plan more engaging coding lessons.
  • Canva builds GPT to generate design sketches through natural language descriptions.
  • Zapier built GPT to integrate more than 6,000 applications to complete cross-application workflow automation.

Introducing how to use natural language dialogue to build GPT

  • Show the usage process of GPT generator, you can customize the name, instructions and knowledge, etc.
  • Demonstrate how to upload files, adjust styles, etc. to train GPT.

Introducing GPT Store

  • Allow users to publicly share their own GPT builds.
  • The GPT store will be launched this month to include the highest quality and most popular GPTs.
  • Revenue sharing with outstanding GPT creators.

Part 6: Assistance API Introduction

Assistance API Overview

  • This makes building custom smart assistants easier and more convenient.

Demonstrate the use of Assistance API

  • Quickly built a smart assistant for a travel APP.
  • Demonstrates the ability to manage long-term sessions, call functions, integrate retrieval, and run code.

Demonstrate advanced features such as voice interaction and points gifting

  • Demonstrate the power of speech recognition and speech synthesis APIs.
  • Realize instant points gifting through function calls, seamlessly connecting with the front-end UI.

Part 7: Overview

Overview of today’s product launches

  • Released GPTs and Assistance API, launching agent-oriented products for the first time.
  • Released GPT-4 Turbo, which is 2.7 times more cost-effective.
  • Deepening partnership with Microsoft to support developers.

Thanks to the team and future prospects

  • Sincere thanks to all OpenAi employees for their hard work.
  • I believe that AI will bring a new technological and social revolution to everyone.
  • I hope we can all get together again next year and there will be more surprises then.


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