Change Logs

All changes mades are logged below

Dec- 2023

Dec 22

  • Fixed issues with scheduled posting on WordPress.
  • Fixed issues with scheduled posting via Zapier.
  • Launched a strategy for generating articles based on Google search results.

Dec 11

  • Added the proposal feature, which includes keyword research, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of SEO articles.
  • Added an SEO report feature, providing each user's website with a free SEO report.
  • Added a new dashboard, allowing for a clearer view of goals and progress, current tasks, and data.
Nov- 2023

Nov 20

  • Added Zapier automation for publishing, supporting automatic content posting to platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Iterated on the publishing process, optimized the interaction of the publishing page, and reduced the steps of publishing.
  • Added data analytics, connected to Google Console to obtain data, and understood the keyword and ranking situation of one's own website.

Nov 9

  • Added automatic cover image feature for one-click WordPress publishing.
  • Integrated with Google Console, allowing publishing and data viewing on a single platform.
  • Updated to login via captcha, avoiding issues with link failures.
  • Optimized strategies for generating titles and SEO TDK (Title, Description, Keywords).

Nov 3

  • Added article description, outline, and talking points; users can update the content of the article by modifying these details.
  • New article SEO effectiveness score.
  • Optimized loading speed for smoother use.
  • Bug fixed.
Oct- 2023

Oct 24

  • Restructured the product's user flow and interactions.
  • Added new integration with WordPress, allowing blog publishing directly from GetMax.
  • Added a new feature for scheduling automated posts to WordPress.
  • Added the ability to regenerate articles by modifying article prompts.
  • Now supports generating more articles in one go.
  • Optimized the logic for generating topics and titles.

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